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Thursday, March 29, 2012

MAC has 3 new collections all set to launch 4/5. I'm a Mac Pro member and had received an email this past weekend indicating that the collections were available for me to purchase on their online site. I browsed the web for swatches, but really didn't come up with much. At that point I decided to only order the items that I knew I definitely wanted. I ordered 1 highlighter from the In Extra Dimension collection, and passed on everything else. I got all of the blushes from Tres Cheeks except for 2, Pink Tea, and Peony Petal. And lastly, I got 3 lipsticks, 2 Cremesheen glasses, and 1 blush from the Reel Sexy collection. Read on for mini review and swatches...

 Whisper of Guilt Highlighter (In Extra Dimension)
 Love Cloud, Modern Mandarin, Full of Joy (Tres Cheeks)
 Immortal Flower (Tres Cheeks) Pink Cult (Reel Sexy)
 Private Screening, Cinestyle, Reel Sexy, Watch Me Simmer, Pink Popcorn (Reel Sexy)
 Whisper of Guilt, Full of Joy, Modern Mandarin, Lovecloud, Immortal Flower, Pink Cult
(Swatched heavy)
 Whisper of Guilt, Full of Joy, Modern Mandarin, Lovecloud, Immortal Flower, Pink Cult
(Blended out)
Reel Sexy, Pink Popcorn, Watch Me Simmer, Cinestyle, Private Screening

I am pretty much satisfied with all of the items I decided to order. The only slight disappointment were from the Cremesheen glasses. They're my favorite fomula of glosses from MAC. These however seemed a bit milkier than my usual ones. I only applied them once for a brief moment, but I noticed the difference immediately. Cinestyle in particular is one that I would have to absolutely wear over a lipstick, or with liner. It leaned towards a pale milky sort of grey on my NC50 skin, opposed to the lavender shade I was expecting. Private Screening is really similar to 2 Cremesheens that I already own, Richer Lusher from the permanent line, and On the Scene from Mac's In the Groove collection, so I could've passed on this one. A few of the blushes did swatch a bit on the chalky side. I'd have to wear them applied with a blush brush to determine if they'll actually work for me. Overall I love a few of the blushes, Whisper of Guilt is amazing, and Reel Sexy lipstick is a must have for the warmer weather approaching, but I can say that I did expect more from these collections. I still plan on going to my local Mac store on launch day to check out the eyeshadows from the In Extra Dimension, and see if there's anything else that catches my eye. If there is, i'll be sure to post them. Hope this post was helpful...

Do you plan on picking up anything from any of these collections?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

thanks for the swatches! I plan on purchasing 'glorify' and 'modern mandarin' definitely. maybe a couple shadows from 'in extra dimension'.

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

Anytime! Modern Mandarin is really pretty!! I found more swatches online, and will probably grad 1 or 2 eyeshadows from In Extra Dimension, but that's about it. Glad you enjoyed this post :)

lipsticklover12 said... Reply To This Comment

Do you think whisper of guilt is a good hilight for african american.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I definitely want to try Heroine. Any reason why you skipped on that lipstick. Modern Mandarin looks Ah-Mazing, and I definitely want Reel Sexy! Thanks for the great review

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

Absolutely! I wore it today and I really like it :)

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

I was a bit unsure about Heroine as I own so many purple lipsticks already. I had just picked up Go for It from my CCO, and Seasoned Plum within the last couple of weeks. I'll have to check it out though as i'm now seeing more swatches and it seems to be such a lovely shade. Modern Mandarin is a must. Looks great on!! I could've passed on all the others... They just didn't work for me at all :( Glad you found this post helpful :)

Niki Tasha said... Reply To This Comment

What did you need to sign up for pro card?

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

Iv'e been a Pro member for some years now... But if I recall, I had to send them 2 forms of proof that I was a MUA... I sent them my business card, along with a flyer for a fashion show that had me listed as the MUA. You may want to check the site to make sure that the requirements are still the same. HTH :)

Chantel said... Reply To This Comment

wow those blushes are to die for. would love to know how they worked on your cheeks or see cheek swatches if possible

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment


Sadlly, none of the blushes worked for me... Modern Mandarin is sort of doable, but still not as great as I had hoped for. They all looked a bit ashy against my complexion. Sure they would work on more fair complexions.

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