Inglot Swatches: Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Gel Liner

Sunday, April 1, 2012
As I stated in a previous POST, I finally visited Inglot in NYC and made my first long awaited purchases. Below are the items I picked up, along with swatches... Enjoy :)

 397 Pearl, 11 AMC Shine, 402 Pearl, 329 Matte, DS474, AMC 15, Matte 383, DS 464
 440 Pearl, AMC Shine 48, Matte 334, Matte 325, DS477, Matte 384 AMC Shine 17, DS 504
DS 480, AMC 68, DS 483, AMC 63
Lipstick 419, 150
Gel liner Matte 77
20 Eyeshadow Freedom Palette $120
Lipstick $12 (each)
Gel Eyeliner Matte $12

This brand has quality makeup at really great prices. Great deals for the amount of product that you get, along with the amazing pigmentation. Of course they do offer other size palettes, as well as the product being available in pot form. It's more costly that way, but still reasonably priced for someone just looking to grab a few shades. The 2 lipsticks, that I decided to get are really pigmented as well.  And the Gel liner, is officially my new fav!! I was a fan of Mac's blacktrack for years, but all I reach for is this one now. I love it! Check out their website for more details, and check out all of the shades, along with all of the other makeup products that they offer. I'm really pleased with this brand thus far, and plan to make a few more purchases from them down the line. 

One tip I must give is that if you do end up purchasing any of the Freedom palettes, do arrange them in order prior to placing them inside. They're magnetic and aren't that easy to take out. I happened to damage a few when trying to move them around. But aside of that... A-MA-ZING!!

Do you own any products from Inglot? What are your thoughts on this brand?


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