RiRi Hearts Mac : Summer

Saturday, June 22, 2013
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mac has collaborated with the amazing Rihanna! Her summer portion of the collection was released online on June 18th. After a long wait to place my order, I finally got through. Below is my haul along with swatches. Enjoy :)

Heaux, Riri Woo, Riri Boy

 Hibiscus Kiss               Barbados Girl Luster Drops

 Heaux, Riri Woo, Riri Boy

Hibiscus Kiss Bronzer & Blush                               Barbados Girl 

Out of all of the lipsticks, I'd have to say Riri Boy is my fave. Its a matte version of the lovely Up The Amp lipstick which I love!! I was let down by Hibiscus Kiss. The bronzer is my complexion (NC50) so it doesn't serve its purpose. The blush on the other hand is lovely, but its so little product, and very similar to other blushes that Mac has launched, therefore I could've passed. It would definitely be lovely for anyone NC45 and lighter. The Luster drops also took me by surprise a bit when I swatched it. It seemed to have a bit more shimmer than the usual lustre drops. I will definitely give all of the products a try and report back to you all. 

Did you purchase anything from this collection? Thoughts?

Mac Feel My Pulse : Possible Dupes & Comparisons

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Feel My Pulse

Feel My Pulse, Maybelline Brazen Berry, Strong Woman, Heroine, Seductive Intent, Feel My Pulse

From the photo above you can tell that none of the mentioned lipsticks are actually dupes. Very close, but not dead on. Now paired with a liner or gloss the difference may be very minimal to none. But I myself had to have it! Brazen Berry seemed to come the closest to me even though Feel My Pulse is more purple. I guess the finish being the same makes them seem so similar. Hope this helps a bit for those who were unsure of whether they should purchase Feel My Pulse or not. 

To see my Temperature Rising haul and swatches as well as recommended must haves and which items I could've passed on click HERE

What are your thoughts on Feel My Pulse?

Mac Temperature Rising Haul + Swatches

Refined Golden

Strobe Golden Elixir Liquid

Refined Golden               Strobe Golden Elixir
 Hot Nights                                                        Ripe For Love
Hot Nights                                 Ripe For Love

 Temperature Rising Quad

Performance Art, Temperature Rising, Swelter, Beauty Marked

Bare My Soul Quad

 Romantico, Bare My Soul, Friendly, When In Rio

Rhythm & Liquid Passion
Altered Beige

 Feel My Pulse

Liquid Passion, Rhythm, Altered Beige, Feel My Pulse

Overall I was pleased with my purchases, with the exception of 2 things. I could've totally passed on Altered Beige and the Temperature Rising Quad. Altered Beige was a bit too sheer for my liking, and the eyeshadows in the Temperature Rising Quad were not as great of quality as the usual Mac eyeshadows. They swatched super sheer and patchy.

Now the Bare My Soul quad is a must have!! I haven't purchased a Mac quad this lovely in a long time! I don't usually back up quads, but I may have to do so in this case. All of the shades were unique and very pigmented.

Feel My Pulse is another must have in my opinion. Mac has released many similar shades in the pass, so if you missed out I'd definitely say grab it. But even though I own many purple lipsticks, this one seemed to be right up my alley. I'm a cremesheen/amplified/lustre sort of girl. I tend to stray away from mattes and satins. I like them at times, but I often end up pairing a gloss on top which alters the color in most cases. Feel My Pulse gives me that sheen and pigmentation all in one. None of my other purple Mac lipsticks does that. I'm a purple lover as well, so either way it was coming home with me. To see Feel My Pulse possible dupes and comparisons click HERE

Lastly, Golden Elixir Strobe liquid. Looove that stuff! I usually use Mac Lustre drops mixed into my tinted moisturizer or foundation during the warmer weather, and this strobe liquid gives that same effect. Gives off a glowy sort of appearance that looks amazing!! I'm new to Strobe liquids but I'm so glad I finally gave it a try. This is another product I definitely plan on backing up

All of the must haves that I mentioned above were the first items sold out when the collection hit online. I'd totally check them out when it launches in stores May 23rd before you regret it :)

Have you purchased anything from the Temperature Rising Collection? Any favorites?

Dupe Alert!! OCC Belladonna Lip Tar

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a very popular cosmetic company well know for their unique shades of lip tars. I have done a few post's raving of them, also providing swatches which can be seen HERE and HERE

Well the lovely shade above, Belladonna was a very popular shade that has been discontinued. Many, including myself have searched high and low for comparable colors, and I've never come across one that was close enough to the amazing shade. Now I had experimented with the different shades on numerous occasions and found out that most of the shades mixed together equals another. I passed on a few shades because of that. I then figured that I'd be able to dupe Belladonna with some of the colors I already owned. And I was right!!

The colors that I combined to make a shade similar to Belladonna were:
OCC Butch
OCC Pretty Boy
OCC Hoochie
Sleek Peek-O-Bloo (Substitue for OCC RX)

  1. I started off with 20 drops of Butch and 20 drops of Pretty Boy
  2. The color was too pink, so I then added a few drops of Hoochie, a more magenta shade
  3. That brought the mixture to a form of purple, but wasn't as vibrant, and still a bit too light
  4. I then added Sleek Peek-O-Bloo and that sealed the deal darkening it and giving it that kick!

I then got the shade below...

 OCC Belladonna next to my mixture
(notice the color separation, you must mix well)

Belladonna vs My mixture 
(with flash)

 Belladonna vs My mixture
(without flash)

 These are the tubes that I used to store my mixture. They can be found HERE

Belladonna vs My mixture
As you can tell by the pics above, the shades are extremely close! Almost identical actually. I notice a tiny bit of a difference when swatched, but when I tried them on the lips they looked exactly the same!! 
Now, I have to say the key factors in getting a very close shade match is to use OCC Butch (gives that neon effect that Belladonna has) and a magenta sort of pink shade. As you can see above, I used Sleeks Paint Pout as a substitue and it worked out fine when mixed with the lip tar. So Sleeks Paint Pouts are definitely a cheaper alternative. I own a few shades and they are very comparable to lip tars!

So for those that loved the discontinued Belladonna, or for those who never got a chance to try the purple loveliness in a tube, give this concoction a try! If you're a purple lover such as myself, whatever shade you end up with is bound to be a pretty one :)

Have you ever tried OCC's lip tar in Belladonna or any of their other lip tars? 
What are your thoughts?

RiRi ♥ MAC: RiRi Woo

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mac now has joined forces with the lovely Rihanna! She has a few collections set to be released over the next few months. RiRi Woo is the first item to be launched. Rihanna was a major fan of Mac's permanent and well known lipstick Ruby Woo. So the popstar teamed up with Mac and made her own version. It's a perfect shade red, and looks amazing on may skin tones! It was an online only item, and I had missed out. It sold out in 3 hours!! BUT she set up a Mac Pop Up Shop at her concert that I attended, so I was able to grab a few :-)

Mac Hayley Williams: Sounds Like Noise

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MAC Baking Beauties Haul + Swatches

Raspberry Swirl                      Lavender Whip

Mac Lavender Whip Old Vs New + Comparison Swatches

Upon the repromote of Mac's infamous Lavender Whip, many noticed that the color wasn't exactly the same. I swatched both the new and old release and noticed the small difference. 

 Lavender Whip 2013 release              Lavender Whip old release

Mac In Extra Dimension Haul + Swatches

Harmony Gelish Love In Bloom Collection Spring 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

As some of you may know based on a previous post, I love Gelish manicures! I picked up a few shades below from their new Spring 2013 collection. I tried the first shade (below) and I must say they are definitely spring appropriate! Can't wait to try the other colors out. A Mint of Spring is my next choice

Mac Fashion Sets 2013

Mac has done it again! They released some of the most raved about shades from their limited edition collections and repromoted them with matching sets. The sets consisted of lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, eyeshadows, and nail polishes. I myself went ahead and grabbed all 4 sets but passed on the eyeshadows and nail polishes. These shades are perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer!!

Now on to the pics and swatches...

Ablaze, Silly, Embrace Me, Heroine

Ablaze, Silly, Embrace Me, Heroine

 Lip liners

Lip liners
Ablaze, Silly, Embrace Me, Heroine

Swatched as sets: lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss
Ablaze, Silly, Embrace Me, Heroine

Now I must say, SIlly was the only one I had considered skipping, but then decided to go ahead and purchase. Soooo glad I did, because that one turned out to be the most unique of them all. I love it! I found close dupes of all of the shades except for Silly. I will share those with you all in another post. I was super excited about Heroine being repromoted as that has been my all time favorite purple lipstick ever!! Glad I now have a liner to pair it with as well as a backup!!

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?

Ka'oir Lipstick Haul + Swatches

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I recently came across a brand of makeup... Ka'oir cosmetics. She has an array of unique colored shades of lipstick. I saw pictures on Instagram, and videos on YouTube raving of these babies, and being the makeup lover that I am, I decided to try a few out...

Rude Girl, Pool Party, Harlem Knight, Jamaica, Racquel

These lipsticks are super creamy, super opaque, and they are long lasting! I grabbed these when she had an active coupon code that was posted on her Instagram page @KeyshiaKaoir , but I definitely plan on trying more out soon. The warm weather is approaching and these shades will definitely be in. The colors are not for the faint of heart, but will totally be an eye grabber on a night out. That's the joy of makeup.... No limits!! Especially with color :)

Have you tried any products/lipsticks by Ka'oir? Thoughts?

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