Mac Feel My Pulse : Possible Dupes & Comparisons

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Feel My Pulse

Feel My Pulse, Maybelline Brazen Berry, Strong Woman, Heroine, Seductive Intent, Feel My Pulse

From the photo above you can tell that none of the mentioned lipsticks are actually dupes. Very close, but not dead on. Now paired with a liner or gloss the difference may be very minimal to none. But I myself had to have it! Brazen Berry seemed to come the closest to me even though Feel My Pulse is more purple. I guess the finish being the same makes them seem so similar. Hope this helps a bit for those who were unsure of whether they should purchase Feel My Pulse or not. 

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What are your thoughts on Feel My Pulse?


Linda said... Reply To This Comment

Wow Feel My Pulse isn't really special at all. I ordered it with my SA so I wouldn't miss out, but I might give it away. Thanks for posting comparisons.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment
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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

J said...
...thank you so much for this comparision! Now I don't have to scour for a BU lol! Thank you for my LG lippie too ;)

Thykmiss said... Reply To This Comment

Great comparison, I was still looking around for strong woman. I think I will skip it since its hard to find and I have a similar color by black radiance called plum orchid, which is gorgeous as well. I have Brazen berry and just bought feel my pulse....still lusting for heroine lol. As for feel my pulse, I love it. I'm in love with purple lips, so most colors do it for me.

The Cosmetic Diet Blog said... Reply To This Comment

feel my pulse is a very pretty color but since i have more purple lipsticks than i can count i passed. lol

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