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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a very popular cosmetic company well know for their unique shades of lip tars. I have done a few post's raving of them, also providing swatches which can be seen HERE and HERE

Well the lovely shade above, Belladonna was a very popular shade that has been discontinued. Many, including myself have searched high and low for comparable colors, and I've never come across one that was close enough to the amazing shade. Now I had experimented with the different shades on numerous occasions and found out that most of the shades mixed together equals another. I passed on a few shades because of that. I then figured that I'd be able to dupe Belladonna with some of the colors I already owned. And I was right!!

The colors that I combined to make a shade similar to Belladonna were:
OCC Butch
OCC Pretty Boy
OCC Hoochie
Sleek Peek-O-Bloo (Substitue for OCC RX)

  1. I started off with 20 drops of Butch and 20 drops of Pretty Boy
  2. The color was too pink, so I then added a few drops of Hoochie, a more magenta shade
  3. That brought the mixture to a form of purple, but wasn't as vibrant, and still a bit too light
  4. I then added Sleek Peek-O-Bloo and that sealed the deal darkening it and giving it that kick!

I then got the shade below...

 OCC Belladonna next to my mixture
(notice the color separation, you must mix well)

Belladonna vs My mixture 
(with flash)

 Belladonna vs My mixture
(without flash)

 These are the tubes that I used to store my mixture. They can be found HERE

Belladonna vs My mixture
As you can tell by the pics above, the shades are extremely close! Almost identical actually. I notice a tiny bit of a difference when swatched, but when I tried them on the lips they looked exactly the same!! 
Now, I have to say the key factors in getting a very close shade match is to use OCC Butch (gives that neon effect that Belladonna has) and a magenta sort of pink shade. As you can see above, I used Sleeks Paint Pout as a substitue and it worked out fine when mixed with the lip tar. So Sleeks Paint Pouts are definitely a cheaper alternative. I own a few shades and they are very comparable to lip tars!

So for those that loved the discontinued Belladonna, or for those who never got a chance to try the purple loveliness in a tube, give this concoction a try! If you're a purple lover such as myself, whatever shade you end up with is bound to be a pretty one :)

Have you ever tried OCC's lip tar in Belladonna or any of their other lip tars? 
What are your thoughts?


kimmydadiva said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome post!!!. Thanks for sharing this with us.

NappyHeadedJojoba said... Reply To This Comment

Amazing! I never was able to get my hands on a Belladonna, so thank you for this!

Munchskin said... Reply To This Comment

This was really helpful thank you!!! Do you think you would be able to specify how many drops of hoochie was used, and the rx substitution?

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Would you consider selling a tube of this dupe?!
I'd totally buy and even pay shipping (if you so desired) to buy this dupe, as Belladonna is all but gone from the face of the Earth now :'(

Also, your dupe alllllmost has a hint of a Katricia type note which I loooooove.

Please email me at camy.g1ng3rsn4ps@gmail.com ! I'd so appreciate it!
Great fabbin' work on that dupe! It's uncanny~

Aim High said... Reply To This Comment

I can tell you took time to create this and find the right dupe. Well done! Does it feel the same as OCC?

MissBoomBaby ♥ said... Reply To This Comment

Absolute cool! I've never tried the OCC lip tar, I'm afraid that all that product is too much for a lifetime :P
I love the color you've created, it looks identical to Belladonna! Awesome ♥

p.s. Excuse my english, if I've made mistakes, I'm italian!

yummy411 said... Reply To This Comment

awesome post!! love it!

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