Gelish Harmony Soak Off: Tiki Tiki Laranga

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have been getting Gel manicures for over a year now. The salon I would go to charges $35 per application (not including tip) and I would get them done every 2-3 weeks. After realizing how much I was spending, I decided to invest in the products and begin doing them myself. This has only been my second time doing my own nails, but I can already see this is an investment well worth it!! After about 2 months it'll pretty much have paid for itself!

Gelish Starter Kit & Gelish Soak Off Colors

Amazing Shine Speedy Gel 36 watts UV Lamp 

 Tiki Tiki Laranga with flash

Tiki Tiki Laranga without Flash

Here's a tutorial I posted on YouTube...

The application process is very easy and simple. As long as you know how to polish your nails, you'll easily be able to apply the gel. No more long waits in the salon, and I even found with me doing them myself, they last a bit longer! 

Overall, I'm glad I purchased these products, and will definitely invest in more colors. 

I purchased my starter kit here, the Mini Gel Polish Soak Off's here, and the regular size Gel Polishes pictured above here. I picked up the UV lamp at a local beauty supply store, but I found it available  here online as well. 

Hope this post and my video was helpful for you guys :)


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