Seya Professional Rolling Makeup Case with Drawers

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I recently purchased this makeup case as I was in need of one for whenever I book any freelance jobs. I came across this one after searching the web for one suitable for me, and I figured it was exactly what I was looking for. I searched a few sites and came across a seller on Amazon that had the color I was looking for (black) in stock.

 Comes with a key for locking

Adjustable handle for rolling

 Mirror underneath the removable cover/lid (with handle)

 First storage area after removing cover/lid

 Second storage area

Third storage area

This is the area (more storage) thats revealed when the bottom portion of the case drops down 

 The drawers are removable to expose more storage space

Also has a makeup bag attached to the lower portion

Another drawer...

All sections can be used individually or together. The cover with the handle attaches to each section to make it customizable. This makeup case has tons of storage space!!

Now if you noticed, earlier in this post I mentioned that I had ordered this case in black. This is clearly a Zebra print case. The seller made an  error and shipped me the wrong one :( So as excited as I am about this amazing case.... I'm actually returning it. I was really disappointed at this careless mistake that they made. I'm afraid of even ordering from her again. The only other site I found that carried this one in particular is, and they have been sold out for some time now. I did sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock. I'd prefer them anyways as they sell them a bit cheaper, $179.95 compared to the $199 I paid for mine.

Overall I love this case, and I plan on hunting the all black one down!! If any of you guys happen to come across a site thats selling it, or even one really similar (I prefer with drawers) please be sure to let me know. Thanks you all, and I hope you enjoyed this post :)


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said... Reply To This Comment

love this!

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

It's really a lovely case. So spacious!

yummy411 said... Reply To This Comment

yay for zebra print... my baby kit has zebra piping.

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