Mac Lavender Whip Old Vs New + Comparison Swatches

Sunday, April 28, 2013
Upon the repromote of Mac's infamous Lavender Whip, many noticed that the color wasn't exactly the same. I swatched both the new and old release and noticed the small difference. 

 Lavender Whip 2013 release              Lavender Whip old release

 Lavender Whip 2013 release              Lavender Whip old release

As you can tell, the old release is a bit more lavender, where as the new release leans toward being a bit more pink. I tried both on and really didn't notice a difference when worn on the lips. So while others may be disappointed in the altered color, it works out fine for me. 

Now on to swatch comparisons of Raspberry Swirl. Baking Beauties haul and swatch post can be found here: Mac Baking Beauties Haul + Swatches

Raspberry Swirl, Viva Glam Gaga, Pink Friday, Pink Plaid, Naughty Saute, Of Royalty


♥ Tanachi ♥ said... Reply To This Comment

Not a color for me but it's not that drastically different so I think it's okay! (:

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