Swatches: Mac Sweet Heat, Heroine and Star Quality

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet Heat, Star Quality, Heroine
 Sweet Heat, Heroine, Star Quality
  Comparison Purples
Heroine, Spitfire, Violetta
Comparison Swatches
Heroine, Spitfire, Violetta

This is my second order from the new Mac collections that launched April 5th. I had initially skipped these items, but decided to pick them up after all. Heroine and Violetta are pretty similar, but definitely different. Heroine is a matte, and Violetta is a Amplified. Violetta is also a tad bit darker with a shimmer sort of metallic look to it. I wasn't too fond of Violetta for some reason, but I love Heroine. Its eveything I wanted Violetta to be :) To see the previous items I picked up from Mac's newly released collections, along with swatches click HERE.

What do you think of Heroine lipstick?


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