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Thursday, April 26, 2012
Here are the items I purchased from Mac's most recent collection, Fashion Sets

 Morange, Saint Germain, Russian Red, Please Me, Girl About Town

 Impassioned, RazzleDazzler, Rebel, Pink Nouveau, Peachstock

 Spice, RazzleDazzler, Peachstock, Please Me

I already owned 8 of the lipsticks released in this collection which are part of the permanent line. 7 are below, and the 8th one, Angel was swatched in a previous post and can be seen HERE

Now on to the swatches...

 RazzleDazzler, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Saint Germain, Spice, 
Please Me, Russian Red, Morange, Peachstock, Rebel

Girl About Town, Impassioned, Saint Germain, Please Me, 
Russian Red, Morange, RazzleDazzler, Peachstock, Rebel

Now to show how much the lipstick shades actually match the lipglass shades...

Pink Nouveau l/s and Pink Nouveau l/g

Overall im pretty pleased with the shades I chose. I do however, regret not ordering Angel, and Spice lipglasses. I definitely plan on getting those 2 as well. 

Will you be purchasing anything from this collection? If so, what do you have in mind?


ChantelleR said... Reply To This Comment

I just came across your blog after trying to find swatches for this collection of lipsticks on women of color.I ordered RazzleDazzler sight unseen and then freaked out. Thank you for your post because it definitely calmed my anxiety of the color. Now I can't wait for it to be delivered.

Helena said... Reply To This Comment

It's definitely a pretty light pinky coral. Great for spring! Glad I was able to help :)

TeeL0veBeauty said... Reply To This Comment

Great post :) I am a member on Specktra and found your blog from there. I love Spice and wish I had ordered Razzlerdazzler.
Morange, GAT and Impassioned L/G's are looking NICE too.

PS: Added you to my Google Reader. Keep up the great WOC swatches!

Niki Tasha said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the swatches, it makes choosing a bit easy.

Helena said... Reply To This Comment

@TeeL0veBeauty Thank you!! I love Spice also. Be sure to keep an eye open for Razzledazzler. They may restock!

Helena said... Reply To This Comment

@Niki Tasha You're welcome! Glad I was able to help :)

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