Mac Naturally & Iris Apfel Collection

Sunday, March 4, 2012

 Flamingo, Party Parrot, Morange, Pink Pigeon
Fresh Honey, Early Morning

Did you get anything from this collection? If so, what were your thoughts?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I was finally able to find the 'fresh honey' blush recently. I really like the color, kind of reminds me of NARS' 'gina'. One thing that was a little surprising was how powdery it is. I apply with a more dense brush to keep from dusting it up too much.

I also caught the 'redhead' msf. I really like it, was a little worried it'd be too light, but it's excellent as a highlight and for a nice glow on the cheeks.

oh, lol. and I have a couple of the shadows...those are really nice too. But I love pretty much all the mienralize shadows.

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

These blushes were a bit on the powdery side. Surprising coming from a mineralize blush. Early Morning happened to be my fave of the 2. I passed on the MSF, but I may have to hunt down Redhead :)

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