Mac Nude Lipstick Swatches: WOC Friendly

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I had a request to share my Mac nude lipstick collection. Below are the shades that I would consider nude on my NC50 complexion. I have a variation of skin-tone nudes, brownish nudes, as well as pinky nudes. Some, when worn have to be toned down with a liner, while others can be worn alone. 

Creme D' Nude, Fresh Brew, Half n Half, *Call My Bluff

High Tea, Velvet Teddy, Honey Flower, Viva Glam Gaga 2

*Lush Amber, Viva Glam V, Peachstock, *5N

Freckletone, *Empowered, Jubilee, Honeylove

 Shy Girl, *Brave New Bronze, *Spice, *Salute

 *Spice flower, *Marquise d', Fanfare, Lovelorn

Bare Again (SS), Can't Get Enough (SS), Till Tomorrow (PL), Hug Me

* means Limited Edition
SS means Sheen Supreme
PL means Pro Longwear

I also have Innocence Beware and a swatch can be found HERE. And lastly, one of my favorites, which I happen to be completely out of, Touch. It's an amazing brown nude for me. A staple! I will definitely pick up another one on my next Mac visit. 

All of the shades are great, but the ones I reach for the most are Half n Half, Bare Again, Lovelorn, Hug Me, Fresh Brew, Peachstock, Velvet Teddy, Creme d' Nude, and Touch.

What are your favorite Mac nude lipsticks? 


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said... Reply To This Comment

Great swatches!

Sherviii said... Reply To This Comment

My fav's are cherish, shy girl and mocha! And I love creme d nude...yet to get it tho...Great post =)

xx Sherviii

Shae said... Reply To This Comment

Love the post girl!

The Cosmetic Diet Blog said... Reply To This Comment

thanks for this awesome post! i have fresh brew and creme d' nude, love em both! that's just all about i can stand for nude lipsticks from MAC! lol

Rani said... Reply To This Comment

I've had my eye on a few of these! Gonna have to pick a few up!

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@JenniferThank you :)

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@Sherviii I need to try Cherish. Thanks for sharing :)

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@Shae Thanks girl ;-)

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne lol Fresh Brew was one of my first nudes by MAC! I was on my search to find "the one" and that's how I ended up with so many. I think Peachstock may just be it :)

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@Rani Do share which ones you end up picking up :)

Smallz said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the swatches :) I like velvet teddy and freckletone

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Helena thanks for such an awesome post, I'm also in search of my perfect nude lippie, I'm favoring Fresh Brew so far. I picked up Viva Glam V from a blog sale and I was wondering if you could recommend a lipliner(if you think it needs one)to go with Viva Glam V or is that one that can be worn alone.

Glam By Lena said... Reply To This Comment

@S. Wallace Fresh Brew is a fav of mine! Viva Glam V can totally be worn without a liner, in fact that's one of my put on and go shades. For the shades that I do pair with a liner I use Mac Cork more than anything. NYX Cocoa is another one I reach for and is really similar to Cork, but at a lesser price of course. They both seem to work well with my NC50 complexion. Hope that helps :)

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