Mac Alluring Aquatic Haul + Swatches

Saturday, May 17, 2014

MAC has an upcoming collection called Alluring Aquatic. Set to launch in stores May 22nd. Just like any other Mac collection, it becomes on sale on their website 1 week before the usual launch date. Here are the items that I purchased, along with swatches. Enjoy :)

The collection actually has 3d water droplets on each item!

boxes too!

Now on to the swatches...

Mystical, Pet Me Please Me, Goddess Of The Sea, Enchanted One

 Mystical, Pet Me Please Me, Goddess Of The Sea, Enchanted One

Golden, Refined Golden

Aphrodite Shell, Dephic

Sea Me Hear Me

Golden, Refined Golden, Aphrodite Shell, Delphic, Sea Me Hear Me 
(taken in natural light to get the most accurate color)

Water Deities, Modern Lure

Water Deities, Modern Lure

Sea Worship, Lorelei, Fathoms Deep


Sea Worship, Lorelei, Fathoms Deep, Shimmerfish
Mac 127 and 233 brushes

 I'd have to say, the shades in this collection aren't your "typical" spring or summer colors, but with this amazing turquoise shiny packaging, works for me! I have to admit, I was sold on the packaging alone. But after seeing some colors, I knew I had to have some!

The eyeshadows were really impressive. Nice and smooth, and very pigmented! The glosses, shockingly are my favorites. I'm not a gloss fan, but the 2 I grabbed I love!! Especially Modern Lure. I don't own any similar shades to that one. The color was opaque, and not sticky at all. Mac totally has my vote on those. Need to grab a back up before it sells out! As for the bronzers, they're ok. The Extra Dimension ones surprised me a bit. I expected them to be more on the sheen, metallic sort of side (like Superb, WOG, and others) but on me they pull more towards a matte/satin type of texture. Didn't expect that at all. Lipsticks I can't really speak on just yet, as I haven't swatched them on my lips. But I can already tell Mystical will be the most unique for me. I don't seem to have anything similar to that shade in my collection. The polish was a win for me as Iv'e been looking for an silver sort of metallic polish lately. So that was right up my alley. Sea Me Hear Me...very pretty! Nice berry shade that I can see myself reaching for this summer. And lastly, as for the brushes...they feel super soft!  Can't wait to try those out!

Overall, I'm happy with the items that I chose. If I could I would pass on Golden Bronzer, and maybe Pet Me Please Me. Those 2 were the least impressive in my opinion. As for my loves... Sea Worship, Lorelei, Modern Lure and Mystical. Hope this helps  :)

Have you purchased anything from this collection? 
Do you plan on doing so?


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