Swatches: Mac Taste Temptation Mattenes with Comparisons

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flash and No flash

Mac Petals & Peacocks, Night Blooming, Heroine, Seductive Intent

Petals & Peacocks and Night Blooming are almost identical!! Huge plus since P&P is one of my all times fav lipsticks. I have a few backups but glad to see I have a similar alternative. 

Heroine and Seductive Intent aren't as similar as I expected. Heroine is one of my fav purple shades by Mac and I was hoping Seductive Intent would be close enough to call a dupe. Unfortunately it isn't :( It's not as purple as Heroine, and pulls more pink/magenta. Of course with a lipliner, it can easily be tweaked to be more similar to Heroine. A photo of me wearing it can be found HERE

Did you purchase anything from one of Mac's latest Taste Temptation collection?


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