Monday, July 2, 2012
So, I have hit a few milestones with a few of my social sites... My YouTube channel that I started in the beginning of May, now has almost 300 followers. My blog/website has hit over 50 subscribers since creating it back in March, and my Facebook page has over 170 likes since starting it back in March. I created all of these outlets to share my love for makeup, beauty, and fashion. Never expected to get the amount of feedback and support that I have. If only one person were to find a post or video helpful that would be enough for me! There is no better way to show my appreciation other than giving back to those that support me...

SOOOO with that being said. I can totally say it's time for another GIVEAWAY!!

Now here's the thing. I'm sort of unsure as to what the prize/prizes should consist of! I do have a few different network sources, so i'm thinking of doing a giveaway for each of them. One for my blog/website, one for my Facebook fanpage, and one for my YouTube Channel. So of course that would consist of 3 different prizes! Yes 3 different prizes!! So if you enter through all 3 of my network sources, you'll have a chance/chances at each of the prizes.

My next step would be to begin thinking of the prizes, as well as ways to enter. If you have any ideas as to what the entries should consist of then feel free to share by commenting below. Thanks for all of your support, and I hope you all are as excited about this as I am! Will post the details and rules, as well as prizes sometime during this week. Stay tuned you all :)


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