Dose Of Colors Lipstick's in Seductive & Dark Secret + Swatches

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dose Of Colors is a new (to me) cosmetic line that I came across them via Instagram. They carry lipsticks, lipgloss, and false eyelashes. They have an array of beautiful shades available. After seeing tons of pictures and swatches I knew I had to try a some of the lipsticks out. They have 10 shades in total, with each lipstick priced at $16. Being the pink and purple lover that I am, I purchased Seductive and Dark Secret to try out first. 

On to the swatches...

Seductive       Dark Secret

Seductive       Dark Secret

As you will notice right away is the pigmentation of these lipsticks. The colors are vibrant and opaque. The formula is similar to Mac's amplified finish lipsticks, but with an extra kick.  The staying power is great, and even when removed they leave a stain on the lips, so even then a tint is still noticeable. Overall I like the shades I chose, but I would love them if they were in matte form. I'm ok with an amplified finish, but sometimes the shine can be a bit much. I prefer matte finishes with the option of adding a gloss to give shine. I look forward to trying out a couple of their glosses next! 

To check out the other 8 shades, along with their glosses and lashes, click HERE to visit their website.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Thoughts?

Mac Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Haul + Swatches

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mac has decided to collaborate with the mother-daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for one of their latest collections. Upon seeing the color story I was blown away by the packaging which for those that know me, I'm a huge sucker for! I knew certain pieces would be must haves! Above are the items that I purchased last week when the collection launched online (Mac launches collections typically a week to 10 days earlier on their online site). While many items sold out the same day, the collection launches in store today so there's still a chance that you can grab some things. Hopefully my swatches will help a few ladies decide.

First up is Kelly's portion of the collection...

Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish Duo

  Cheeky Booger Blush

 Top portion of Jolly Good, Lower Portion of Jolly Good, Cheeky Booger

Bloody Brilliant Eyeshadow Quad

Spoonful of Sugar, Tickety Boo, Fizzy Rose, Shadowy Lady

Riot House, Strip Poker, Dodgy Girl, Candy Yum Yum

 Riot House, Strip Poker, Dodgy Girl, Candy Yum Yum

Now on to Sharon's portion of the collection...

Refresh Mineralize Skinfinish Duo

 Peaches & Cream blush

 Top portion of Refresh, Lower Portion of Refresh, Peaches & Cream

 Duchess Eyeshadow Quad

Sweet Eyes, Sexy Eyes, Femme Fatale, Embark

Cranberry lip liner

Bijou lipglass

Bijou lipglass

Cranberry lip liner, Bijou lipglass

Sharon's portion of the collection really impressed me. I found all of the shades will work well for women of color such as myself (Mac NC50 for reference). The shades compliment my complexion very well. Iv'e worn a few of the items every single day since I got ahold of them. Even grabbed a back up of the quad and blush. Her items were the main items that sold out extremely fast.

Now for Ms Kelly's portion... Based on my swatches above I'm pretty sure you can tell that I wasn't impressed. Her shades really did not work for me. Kelly Yum Yum and Dodgy Girl were the only 2 items I would recommend for someone in my shade range. The face products look completely ashy on me. And while they will work for those with a more fair complexion, they should be a total pass for us women of color. The quad wasn't too bad, but nothing unique about it at all. One of the shades (Shadowy Lady) is permanent, and the other colors can be easily duped.

Overall I'd say the collection was pretty decent. It has a little bit of everything that would look great on different shade complexions. So if there was anything of interest based on my swatches, I'd suggest heading over to Mac, Macys, Nordstroms, and Bloomingdales to grab them. I'm almost sure certain items won't last past today.

Hope this post was helpful for someone :)

Have you purchased or plan on purchasing anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?

Mac Alluring Aquatic Haul + Swatches

Saturday, May 17, 2014

MAC has an upcoming collection called Alluring Aquatic. Set to launch in stores May 22nd. Just like any other Mac collection, it becomes on sale on their website 1 week before the usual launch date. Here are the items that I purchased, along with swatches. Enjoy :)

The collection actually has 3d water droplets on each item!

boxes too!

Now on to the swatches...

Mystical, Pet Me Please Me, Goddess Of The Sea, Enchanted One

 Mystical, Pet Me Please Me, Goddess Of The Sea, Enchanted One

Golden, Refined Golden

Aphrodite Shell, Dephic

Sea Me Hear Me

Golden, Refined Golden, Aphrodite Shell, Delphic, Sea Me Hear Me 
(taken in natural light to get the most accurate color)

Water Deities, Modern Lure

Water Deities, Modern Lure

Sea Worship, Lorelei, Fathoms Deep


Sea Worship, Lorelei, Fathoms Deep, Shimmerfish
Mac 127 and 233 brushes

 I'd have to say, the shades in this collection aren't your "typical" spring or summer colors, but with this amazing turquoise shiny packaging, works for me! I have to admit, I was sold on the packaging alone. But after seeing some colors, I knew I had to have some!

The eyeshadows were really impressive. Nice and smooth, and very pigmented! The glosses, shockingly are my favorites. I'm not a gloss fan, but the 2 I grabbed I love!! Especially Modern Lure. I don't own any similar shades to that one. The color was opaque, and not sticky at all. Mac totally has my vote on those. Need to grab a back up before it sells out! As for the bronzers, they're ok. The Extra Dimension ones surprised me a bit. I expected them to be more on the sheen, metallic sort of side (like Superb, WOG, and others) but on me they pull more towards a matte/satin type of texture. Didn't expect that at all. Lipsticks I can't really speak on just yet, as I haven't swatched them on my lips. But I can already tell Mystical will be the most unique for me. I don't seem to have anything similar to that shade in my collection. The polish was a win for me as Iv'e been looking for an silver sort of metallic polish lately. So that was right up my alley. Sea Me Hear Me...very pretty! Nice berry shade that I can see myself reaching for this summer. And lastly, as for the brushes...they feel super soft!  Can't wait to try those out!

Overall, I'm happy with the items that I chose. If I could I would pass on Golden Bronzer, and maybe Pet Me Please Me. Those 2 were the least impressive in my opinion. As for my loves... Sea Worship, Lorelei, Modern Lure and Mystical. Hope this helps  :)

Have you purchased anything from this collection? 
Do you plan on doing so?

Mac Proenza Schouler Lipstick Dupes + Comparisons

Monday, April 21, 2014
Hello lovelies! As promised in my previous MAC Proenza Schouler lipstick haul post, I went ahead and swatched some Mac lipsticks that I already own to compare to 3 of the new released shades. Continue reading for comparisons and possible dupes.

Woodrose, Pure Zen, Jubilee, Innocence Beware, Freckletone

Pinkfringe, Naughty Saute, Snob, Pink Friday, Pink Plaid

 Mangrove, Lady Danger, Sail La Vie, So Chaud, Scarlet Ibis

As you can see above, I don't own any dead on dupes for any of the Proenza shades. However, Scarlet Ibis was extremely close to Mangrove. In shade comparison and finish. The Proenza collection is live now on the Mac website, Nordstrom, and Macys. It hits stores this Thursday, April 24th. Hope this post was helpful on deciding what shades you will purchase or pass. 

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing anything?

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